Hamilton Road Credit Union Ltd

Branch Title: Hamilton Road Credit Union Ltd
Opening Hours: Wed 10am - 1pm, Fri 3 - 8.30pm for shares, lodgements and loan repayments. Enquires and queries can be dealt with Mon - Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm by phone/fax 028 91470255,

e-mail: hamiltonroadcreditunion@yahoo.com

Information: The Common Bond which governs the qualification of membership of a Credit Union is in this case, all Members of the Loyal Orders within Bangor District and their families.

Members of Lodges (Gents, Ladies and Juniors) Preceptories and Apprentice Boys of Derry which sit in Groomsport, Ballyrobert, Conlig, Crawfordsburn, Ballykeel and, of course, Bangor Orange Hall, qualify for membership and are entitled to propose, or second, the acceptance of new members.

Contact: Bangor Orange Hall, Hamilton Road, Bangor, Down, BT20 4JP

History: Hamilton Road Credit Union Ltd, named after the location of Bangor Orange Hall, where the company has its offices was formed on 15 February 1991 by members of Bangor District LOL18.

Initially set up as a savings group which, within a year achieved "Limited Company" status and has maintained steady growth both in membership and share-holding during the last decade.

The Credit Union is controlled and run by Officers and Directors who are answerable to the membership.  

Aims: The Aims of the Credit Union are: SAVE regularly, BORROW wisely, PAY BACK  promptly.